Bronx New Deal - Photo #269 - Bronx Terminal Market


Photo: [1].

Building B of the Bronx Terminal Market circa 2004. This building was demolished, along with most of the rest of the Bronx Terminal Market, to make way for the new Gateway Bronx Terminal Market (i.e. a big shopping mall).

  1. Historic Resources, Chapter 7 of Gateway Center at Bronx Terminal Market, Mayor's Office of Sustainability, Mayor's Office Environmental Review, 2004-2005:
    Building B is a complex of 19 small, connected spaces within a two-story reinforced concrete structure on the east side of Exterior Street north of 150th Street. According to the New York Times[2], Building B was constructed between October 1, 1934 and May 1, 1935, at a cost of $570,000; according to Helen Tangires, construction funds, labor, and architectural services for Building B (and the other Market buildings constructed at the same time) were provided by the Civil Works Administration[3]. Building B was designed by Samuel Oxhandler with John D. Churchill and Albert W. Lewis.”[1,p.7-6]
  2. Gray, Christopher,