Randall's Island - Photo #1 - Randall's Island Stadium


Aerial photo by Associated Press, “use with credit”, taken July 10, 1936, the day before the Olympic trials.
Randall's Island Municipal Stadium, built by the WPA[1,4,6], scene of final 1936 men's Olympic trials, where Jesse Owens qualified to go to the Berlin Olympics. The 1936 Olympic swimming trials were held at another WPA-built site, Astoria pool in Queens.

See Wikipedia for a brief history of the stadium and its many name changes. It was torn down in 2002 and replaced by the much smaller Icahn Stadium, named after the billionaire who paid for it.

On June 19, 1936, the Parks Department announced the opening of the Randall's Island stadium, with tickets available for the final American Olympic men's track and field tryouts on July 11 and 12, reserved seats costing 75 cents, $1.00, and $2.00 (see press release); 15,000 tickets were sold. The first day of the Olympics tryouts was preceded by an opening ceremony presided over by Robert Moses and featuring Harry Hopkins, FDR's federal relief administrator, and Mayor La Guardia.

Lest any doubt remain as to the stadium's WPA pedigree, Robert Moses states (in response to a reference to its "shoddy construction" in the NY Sun), "The statement that it