New York City Parks Department New Deal Projects 1934-43

Frank da Cruz
July 2014
Most recent update: Wed Sep 13 13:50:08 2017

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This is an attempt to list New Deal projects in New York City relying only on press releases issued by the New York City Parks Department, 1934-1943. These releases often credit the PWA, CWA, WPA, or other New Deal agency for funding, design, or labor, in which case the inclusion of the project in the table below is unquestionable. In other cases, however, the role of New Deal agencies is unstated and must be inferred. My method for this is explained after the table. The table might seem long (it has just over 500 entries) but bear in mind it contains only what the Parks Department decided to write a press release for. To get an idea the true scope of New Deal activity in New York City, CLICK HERE to read a summary for just one agency (the WPA) for one single fiscal year. Also note that many important New Deal projects in NYC do not appear in this table because they weren't Park Department projects; examples include the Triborough and Bronx-Whitestone bridges, the Lincoln and Brooklyn-Battery and Queens-Midto