Oval Park 80th Anniversary - Photo #66 - Exhibits


The four photos in the upper left show various stages of Oval Park's construction. Click HERE for a better look at them and other old photos of the Oval and the reservoir that preceded it. Top right-center: the WPA plaque that should have been mounted on the Rec Center in 1937 but wasn't (click here to find out why). Upper right: the Rec Center with a WPA plaque Photoshop'd onto it. The red-white-and-blue USA WORK Project WPA item is the sign that should have been posted at all WPA work sites while work was in progress. Below it, the 1937 Parks Department press release announcing the opening of Williamsbridge Oval, and next to it the New York Times article on the same subject. Go to the References section towards the bottom of THIS PAGE to find links to versions of these documents that are big enough to read. You can read the other documents in the image above by clicking on the Enlarge button on top.