The Columbia University Internet Kermit Service Daemon

Most recent update: 14 January 2000


The Internet Kermit Service Daemon (IKSD) is C-Kermit 7.0 running as an Internet service, similar to an FTP or Telnet server. It executes Telnet protocol just like a Telnet server and it transfers files like an FTP server. But unlike an FTP server, IKSD uses the Kermit file transfer protocol.

An IKSD may be accessed on TCP port 1649 using any Telnet client that allows a port specification and also includes Kermit protocol (and, as noted below, it may also be accessed by traditional serial communication programs too). Kermit Project clients are recommended for best results, but third-party commercial, shareware, or freeware clients may also be used.

To access the IKSD at the Kermit Project, instruct your Telnet client to make a connection to: kermit

or if that doesn't work: 1649

The syntax for specifying the TCP port number varies from client to client. (For starters, try clicking on the link above...)


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Why an Internet Kermit Service Daemon when there are already FTP servers?