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Supplement to Using C-Kermit, Second Edition

For C-Kermit 7.0

As of C-Kermit version:  7.0.196
This file last updated:  8 February 2000

Authors: Frank da Cruz and Christine M. Gianone
Address: The Kermit Project
         Columbia University
         612 West 115th Street
         New York NY 10025-7799
Fax:     +1 (212) 662-6442
E-Mail:  kermit-support@columbia.edu
Web:     http://www.columbia.edu/kermit/
Or:      http://www.kermit-project.org/
Or:      http://www.columbia.nyc.ny.us/kermit/


This document:
Copyright © 1997, 2000, Frank da Cruz and Christine M. Gianone. All rights reserved.

Kermit 95:
Copyright © 1995, 2000, Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 1985, 2000,
Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York. All rights reserved. See the C-Kermit COPYING.TXT file or the copyright text in the ckcmai.c module for disclaimer and permissions.

When Kerberos(TM) and/or SRP(TM) (Secure Remote Password) and/or SSL protocol are included:
Portions Copyright © 1990, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Portions Copyright © 1991, 1993 Regents of the University of California.
Portions Copyright © 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 by AT&T.
Portions Copyright © 1997, Stanford University.
Portions Copyright © 1995-1997, Eric Young <eay@cryptosoft.com>.

For the full text of the third-party copyright notices, see Appendix V.


This file lists changes made to C-Kermit since the second edition of the book Using C-Kermit was published and C-Kermit 6.0 was released in November 1996. Use this file as a supplement to the second edition of Using C-Kermit until the third edition is published some time in 2000. If the "most recent update" shown above is long ago, contact Columbia University to see if there is a newer release.

For further information, also see the CKCBWR.TXT ("C-Kermit beware") file for hints, tips, tricks, restrictions, frequently asked questions, etc, plus the system-specific "beware file", e.g. CKUBWR.TXT for UNIX, CKVBWR.TXT for VMS, etc, and also any system-specific update files such as KERMIT95.HTM for Kermit 95 (in the DOCS\MANUAL\ subdirectory of your K95 directory).

This Web-based copy of the C-Kermit 7.0 update notes supersedes the plain-text CKERMIT2.TXT file. All changes after 19 January 2000 appear only here in the Web version. If you need an