Advanced Screen Navigation Features

IMPORTANT: The scrollback buffer is controlled by Kermit 95 itself. The Console version of Kermit 95 is NOT designed to be used in a large "virtual console window" with scrollbars, such as some people are accustomed to setting up in Windows NT. But of course you can use the scrollbar in the GUI version of K95.

Mark Mode

Mark mode gives the keyboard-only user a means of marking and copying text that is normally available only with the mouse. Mark mode lets you to select arbitrary sized portions of text from anywhere within the current screen or the scrollback region. Marked text can be copied, transmitted, or printed.

Each of the mark-mode actions -- copy to clipboard, copy to host, copy to file -- has a Kverb (keyboard verb) associated with it. Marking and copying can be done entirely with keystrokes and no mouse, using the following Kverbs (the default key assignment is shown in parentheses):

\KMarkStart (Ctrl-F1)
First press enters mark mode; second press starts marking text from the current cursor position. Additional presses clear all marked text and start marking text from the current cursor position.

\KMarkCopyClip (Ctrl-Gray-Insert)
Copies all marked text to the Clipboard.

\KMarkCopyHost (Ctrl-Shift-Gray-Insert)
Copies all marked text directly to the host.

\KMarkCancel (Ctrl-F2)
Cancels mark mode without copying anything.

\KDump (Alt-p)
This is the regular \Kdump verb. When invoked during mark mode, i.e. while a selection is active, the selection (marked text) is dumped to the SET PRINTER device or file.

\Kpaste (Shift-Gray-Insert)
Pastes (sends) text from the Clipboard to the host.

You can reassign these verbs to any other keys or key combinations in the normal manner, using the SET KEY command.

While in mark mode all of the scrollback and arrow keyboard verbs are active allowing you to select text a line at a time, a page at a time, or even the entire rollback buffer in one shot.

Here, for example, is a key definition to select all text from the top of the rollback buffer to the bottom of the active screen ("select all"):

  set key \315 \Kmarkstart\Kend\Kmarkstart\Khome

Vertical Scrolling

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The scrollback buffer is easily navigated using the keys to which the Page Up, Page Down, Home, and End functions are assigned. Each function is represented by a "Kverbs" which is in turn assigned to a key combination with a SET TERM KEY command. There are six vertical scrolling functions:

 Kverb          Action
 \Kdnone         Roll screen down one line
 \Kdnscn         Roll screen down one page (PgDn)
 \Kendscn        Roll screen to the bottom of buffe