Bronx New Deal - Photo #470 - Owen F. Dolen Park


Owen F. Dolen Park in the Bronx on Westchester Square, the triangle formed by East Tremont Avenue, Lane Avenue, and Westchester Avenue, as seen from the platform of the 6 Train (former BMT Lexington Avenue - Pelham Bay line), June 10, 2015. From the New York City Parks Department press release of March 14, 1941, announcing the "completion of reconstruction at Owen F. Dolen Park":
...two half-acre plots, separated by Benson Street, serve chiefly as pedestrian connections and sitting areas with open central grass areas bounded by four foot wrought iron fences and trees. Continuous benches line the interior walks and boundary sidewalks, providing adequate seating accommodations for this densely populated section. The existing walks of cinders, bluestone and macadam have been widened and rebuilt of concrete. Street trees have been planted along all curbs except adjacent to the West Chester Avenue elevated structure.

The smaller of the two triangles to the south contains the building which houses the stairway approach to the transit station. The north triangle retains the existing two story brick library and comfort station at the east end of the park. At the northern tip of this triangle a small wrought iron fence enclosed grass plot has been built which retains undisturbed a World War memorial which was relocated