Bronx New Deal - Photo #72 - Split Rock and Pelham Bay Golf Courses


Split Rock Golf Course, Bronx, NY, built by the federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1935-36. Photo: Anthony Pioppi, used by permission. He points out that the course was designed by John Van Kleek (Robert Moses didn't credit designers by name). In the 1920s and 30s, Van Kleek designed golf courses all over the world and during the New Deal he was the supervising architect for New York City Parks Department in charge of golf courses, including Split Rock, Van Cortlandt, Clearview, and Dyker Beach[2]. Pioppi says[1]:

Split Rock path Split Rock has one of the most enjoyable pre-round walks I've encountered. The distance from the clubhouse to the first tee is probably a half-mile along a sand path that runs under a rusting railroad bridge that is supported by massive gray stone blocks and then through a heavily wooded area. Horses and their riders also frequent the trail, as stables are part of the facility. (Can you imagine being a horse living in the Bronx?) By the time you have made your way to the course