Public Works Administration Dockets for Virginia 1934-1939

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National Archives: Record Group 135: Public Works Administration; Projects Control Division; Entry 52: Indices to Non-Federal Projects; Report No. 5: Status of All Completed Non-Federal Allotted Projects, pp. 118-122: State of Virginia, January 3, 1940. Retrieved from the US National Archives in 2014 by Evan Kalish. These documents cover “non-federal” projects through the years 1934-1939; non-federal means projects that were conducted by states, cities, towns, counties, or institutions financed by the federal PWA. So (for example) they do not including Navy ships built at Norfolk or Newport News. Bear in mind that the PWA is only one New Deal agency out of many; countless other projects were done by the CCC, WPA, Department of Treasury, Department of the Interior, etc. And also that the PWA continued to fund projects for 3 or 4 more years after 1939.

324 projects are listed. The contents of the columns appear to be printed by an IBM alphanumeric