Sortable Searchable Table of PWA Projects in Virginia 1934-1939

Frank da Cruz
8 June 2017
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The Public Works Administration (PWA) was a New Deal agency created in 1933 to assist cash-strapped towns, cities, counties, and states in constructing public works during the Great Depression. In 1940, it produced a kind of spreadsheet showing all the projects it had sponsored from 1934 to 1939, inclusive, which is now in the US National Archives. The Virginia PWA Projects table pages that we have are JPG images, scanned from original paper copies by Evan Kalish in 2014, and thus not searchable or sortable. To make a more useful table, I transcribed the five most interesting columns from them by hand into (for old time's sake)* card images (since the reports were so obviously generated from punch cards). To allow for the possibili