Bronx New Deal - Photo #420 - IND Subway B and D Trains


Bronx NY: The D and B Train stop on Grand Concourse at Bedford Park Boulevard. Jill Jonnes, in her book South Bronx Rising (p.80-81), says "While these WPA works [parks, playgrounds, etc] made life more pleasant for the populace, four major work relief projects significantly changed the Bronx: the new Bronx County Building at 161st Street and Grand Concourse; the Triborough Bridge; the huge Federal Post Office at 149th and the Grand Concourse; and the completion of the Eighth Avenue IND subway up through the West Bronx" (which is the B and D line). So far I haven't been able to confirm or disprove this. (Anyway, the Grand Concourse is in the East Bronx, not the West Bronx... the dividing line is Jerome Avenue.)

In their book New York for Sale (MIT 2008), Tom Angotti and Peter Marcuse say, "The New Deal came to the rescue by financing extensive public works, including yet another set of subway lines, the Independent Subway (IND)..."

The New York Transit Museum, in its book The City Beneath Us: Building the New York Subways, W. W. Norton (2004), says “Thanks to LaGuardia's rapport with FDR, New York received more Work Projects Administration funds than any other city in the United States. 'Red, whiite, and blue WPA signs showed up everywhere,' one Brooklyn