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The Internet Kermit Service daemon (IKSD) is a Kermit program such as C-Kermit or Kermit 95 running as an Internet service, similar to an FTP or Telnet server. It executes Telnet protocol just like a Telnet server and it transfers files like an FTP server. But unlike an FTP server, IKSD uses the Kermit file transfer protocol (which is more powerful and flexible) and allows both FTP-like client/server connections as well as direct keyboard interaction. Secure authentication methods and encrypted sessions are available, as well as a wide range of file transfer and management functions, which can be scripted to automate arbitrarily complex tasks.

IKSD can be accessed by any Telnet client. If file transfer is required, the Telnet client must include Kermit file transfer protocol. Best results are obtained when the client implements the Telnet Kermit Option (as do Kermit 95 for Windows and C-Kermit for Unix) for "tight coupling" of client and server.


RFC2839: Internet Kermit Service
History, motivation, and operation of Internet Kermit Service.

RFC2840: Telnet Kermit Option
Specification of the Telnet options and commands used by Internet Kermit Service.

id-kermit-url-00: Kermit URL Scheme
Specification of the kermit: URL (this one was never finalized due to layoffs of key players in the Kermit Project at Columbia University).

IKSD for Unix

Unix refers to the operating system family that includes Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, QNX, etc. The Internet Kermit Serviced Daemon for Unix is C-Kermit running in a special mode under inetd.

Internet Kermit Service Administrator's Guide for Unix
How to install, configure, monitor, and manage Internet Kermit Service on Unix.

IKSD for Windows

Internet Kermit Service for Windows is Kermit 95 installed as a service on Microsoft Windows 95 or later.

Windows Internet Kermit Service - Overview
A brief introduction to Internet Kermit Service for Windows.

Windows Internet Kermit Service User Guide
User guide for the Unix-based Internet Kermit Service at the Kermit Project, Columbia University.

Windows Internet Kermit Service Administrator's Guide
How to install, configure, monitor, and manage Internet Kermit Service on Windows.

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