Aymar Embury II Gallery of NYC New Deal Projects - Photo #34 - Astoria Pool and Bathhouse - Queens

Photo: Frank da Cruz, 26 June 2016.
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Astoria Pool in Astoria Park, Queens, NYC, June 26, 2016, with the Triborough Bridge, the East River, Randall's Island, and Manhattan in the background, 26 June 2016. This is one of the 11 pools built in New York City by the WPA in 1936, and perhaps the most famous. It was the site of the Olympic swimming and diving trials for the 1936 Olympics, just as Randall's Island Stadium was for track and field. The structure at lower right, next to the red umbrella, was an Olympic torch. There's another one on the left too.

  1. Astoria Park Pool and Play Center, Landmarks Preservation Commission June 20, 2006, Designation List 377 LP-2196: "Constructed 1934-36; John M. Hatton and others, Architects; Aymar Embury II, Consulting Architect; Gilmore D. Clarke and others, Landscape Architects."