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10 November 2019
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Aymar Embury II
Aymar Embury II Photo:  Wikimedia Commons.
Aymar Embury II was the Supervising or Consulting or Chief Architect at the NYC Parks Department throughout the New Deal, 1934-43. He was paid out of New Deal funds, so every project he worked on during that period in his Parks Department capacity is a New Deal project if only for that reason, even though most of them also had their materials and/or labor funded in whole or in part by New Deal agencies. It is written in countless places that Embury was responsible for over 600 NYC New Deal projects, but I have never been able to locate a list of them. So in November 2019 I tried to put one together myself. The initial result is HERE; it has about 230 entries ranging from humble comfort stations to massive undertakings like the Triborough Bridge and Lincoln Tunnel. I don't have first-hand knowledge of Embury's exact role in each project — sole architect, supervising architect, one of a group of architects — my only criterion for crediting a project to him is that he is named as the (or an) architect in an official document, or at least a credible one. What follows is a gallery of just a few of the hundreds of sites Embury worked on during the New Deal; these include new creations designed from scratch as well as renovations of existing ones.

Bridges, Highways, Tunnels Orchard Beach Jacob Riis Park Astoria Pool  Crotona Pool Colonial Pool Highbridge Pool McCarren Pool Betsy Head Pool Sunset Pool Other Pools Central Park Zoo Staten Island Zoo Prospect Park Zoo Bryant Park Williamsbridge Oval Sara Roosevelt Park Municipal Stadium Clason Point Gardens Buildings Statuary

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Bridges, highways, and tunnels

triboroughbridge triborough10 triborough4 whitestone whitestone01 henryhudsonparkway henryhudsonbridge1937 henryhudsonbridge marineparkwaybridge marineparkwaybridge2 lincolntunnel3 lincolntunnel lincolntunnelventilator lincolntunnel2

Orchard Beach - Bronx

orchardbeach1 orchardbeachaerial3 orchardbeach16 orchardbeach18 orchardbeach2 orchardbeach4 orchardbeach8 orchardbeach7 orchardbeachshop orchardbeach19 orchardbeach5 orchardbeach10 orchardbeach9

Jacob Riis Park - Queens

jacobriispark1 jacobriis6 jacobriis2 jacobriis3 jacobriis7 jacobriis4

Astoria Pool and Bathhouse - Queens

astoriapool01 astoria5 astoria7 astoria1 astoriapoolstatue

Crotona Pool and Play Center - Bronx

crotona6 crotona3 crotona7 crotona5 crotona4

Colonial Pool and Play Center - Manhattan

colonial1 colonialpool4k colonial5 colonial6

Highbridge Pool and Play Center - Manhattan

highbridge1 highbridge2 highbridge3 highbridge4 highbridge5 highbridge6 highbridge7

McCarren Pool and Play Center - Brooklyn

mccarrenpool mccarrenpool5 mccarrenpool2 mccarrenpool8 mccarrenpool6 mccarrenpool9 mccarrenpool1937

Betsy Head Pool and Bathhouse - Brooklyn

betsyhead1 betsyhead3 betsyhead6 betsyhead2 betsyhead4 betsyhead5

Sunset Pool and Bath House - Brooklyn

sunsetpool sunset2 sunset6 sunset7 sunset1 sunset3

Other Pools and Play Centers

redhookpool1 redhook4 redhook3 tompkinsville tompkinsville2 tompkinsville3 thomasjeffersonplaycenter thomasjeffersonpool1936a thomasjeffersonpark hamiltonfish hamiltonfish5 hamiltonfish6 johnjaypool3 johnjaypool johnjaypool2 nysmarineamphitheater dapolito1 dapolito2

Central Park Zoo and Arsenal - Manhattan

centralparkzoo3 centralparkzoo6 centralparkzoo4 centralparkzoo5 centralparkzoo7 centralparkzoo1 centralparkzoo10 centralparkzoo2 arsenal1 arsenalentrance

Staten Island Zoo - Richmond

statenislandzoo statenislandzoo2 statenislandzoo3 statenislandzoo4

Prospect Park Zoo and Bandshell - Brooklyn

ppzoo1 ppzoo2 ppzoo3 ppzoo7 ppzoo12 prospectparkbandshell prospectparkbandshell2

Bryant Park - Manhattan

bryantpark1 bryantpark2 bryantpark3

Williamsbridge Oval Park - Bronx

ovalparkrecctr1 ovalpark1938 ovalparkrecctr2 ovalparkrecctr3 ovalpark40

Sara Delano Roosevelt Park - Manhattan

saradelanorooseveltpark1 saradelanorooseveltpark2 saradelanorooseveltpark3

Randall's Island Municipal Stadium

randallsislandstadium randallsislandstadium3 jesseowens blackyankees carnivalofswing07 carnivalofswing01 carnivalofswing12

Clason Point Gardens - Bronx

clasonpoint3 clasonpoint4 clasonpoint2 clasonpointgardens

Individual buildings designed by Embury

worldsfairnybuilding argentina harlemmeerboathouse1940s chelseamilkstation triborough14 mountprospect jhoodwright inwoodboathouse inwoodbleachers paysonhouse splitrockgolfhouse1 clearviewgolfhouse2 dykerbeachgolfhouse carlschurzbldg carminestreet32 zimmerman erp2 erp3 shoredrive stmaryspark4 belmontplayground

Building renovations with Embury as architect

metropolitanmuseum brooklynmuseum1934 graciemansion2 jumelmansion grantstomb clovelakes claremontinn gerritsenmill1914

Statuary: pedestals, plinths, and settings

bellringers jagiello burnettfountain ambrosemonument columbuscadman peterstuyvesantstatue

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