Aymar Embury II Gallery of NYC New Deal Projects - Photo #147 - Individual buildings designed by Embury

Photo: everlystudios.com
Dyker Beach Golf Clubhouse. Architect: Aymar Embury II[1].
  1. NYC Parks Department press release 15 May 1934: "The Park Department announced today that construction will be resumed immediately on the golf clubhouse at Dyker Beach Park in Brooklyn ... The Building is 60% completed. It has been under construction for about a year and a Half. The work was financed through the old City Work Committee and the former Civil Works Administration ... Mr. Aymar Embury, II, Consulting architect, Major Gilmore D. Clarke, Consulting Landscape Architect, and Mr. Emil K. Praeger, Consulting Civil Engineer, of the Park Department, made a complete investigation of the structure and found that there were many features which require correction before the building can be occupied with safety." Thus, regardless of who the original architect was, Embury had a hand in the construction and final configuration of the building.