Aymar Embury II Gallery of NYC New Deal Projects - Photo #83 - Other Pools and Play Centers

Photo: Malcolm Pinckney/NYC Parks
Hamilton Fish pool on Pitt Street (Avenue C) near Houston Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, one of Parks Department's eleven 1936 WPA swimming pools. The pool (but not the bathhouse) was designed by architect Aymur Embury II[1].
  1. Hamilton Fish Park Play Center, Landmarks Designation Commission December 21, 1982, Designation List 162 LP-1264: "Much [of the remodeling done in 1900-1903] was removed in 1935-36 when Aymar Embury designed a swimming pool for the park. Embury adapted the original gymnasium building to locker rooms for the pool." Note: The 1898-1900 Play Center building is the landmark, not the pool.