Aymar Embury II Gallery of NYC New Deal Projects - Photo #153 - Individual buildings designed by Embury

Shore Road Service and Comfort Station
Shore Road Service and Comfort Station
Comfort Station 1 (white)
Shore Road Service and Comfort Station
Comfort Station 2 (brick)
Labeled "Service and comfort station at Shore Road Park in Brooklyn, architect Aymar Embury II, series 375, exhibit V, approved September 12, 1939," the drawing above is signed by Embury himself. The one at left is clearly also by him. These are plans for small buildings along the west side of Shore Road in Brooklyn, which runs along Shore Road Park from the Verazzano Narrows Bridge north for two miles. In fact two comfort stations from that era are found in Shore Road Park, near the road, which are shown in the second and third insets (from Google Street View). They don't match the drawings exactly but there is a resemblence. If Embury designed two comfort stations for Shore Road Park, and it has two comfort stations of the right age, they must be Embury's and we just haven't seen the documentation or final drawings.
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