Aymar Embury II Gallery of NYC New Deal Projects - Photo #80 - Other Pools and Play Centers

Photo: NYC Department of Parks
Thomas Jefferson Play Center and Swimming Pool, First Avenue and 112th Street in Manhattan. Built in 1936 as one of the 11 WPA Pools, architect: Aymar Embury II[1].
  1. Thomas Jefferson Play Center including bath house, diving pool and swimming pool; Landmarks Preservation Commission July 24, 2007 Designation List 394 LP- 2236: "Constructed 1935-1936; Stanley C. Brogren, architect Aymar Embury II, Henry Ahrens and others, Architects; Gilmore D. Clarke and others, Landscape Architects."
  2. Manhattan New Building Database, Office for Metropolitan History, Dept of Buildings No.141: "Thomas Jefferson Park ... NYC Dept of Parks, architect: Aymar Embury II: "1-sty bk bath house & swimming pool, 225×212".