Aymar Embury II Gallery of NYC New Deal Projects - Photo #135 - Individual buildings designed by Embury

Photo: NYC archive
NYC World's Fair building
NYC Building Interior
NYC World's Fair building
Embury floor plan[3]
City of New York Building, 1939 World's Fair, Flushing Meadow, Queens; architect: Aymar Embury II[1]. Today it is the Queens Museum[2], and in the interim it served many other purposes including when it was adapted by Embury to serve as a temporary home for the United Nations, 1946-50. It is still home to the New York City Panorama, a scale model New York City with all its buildings created for the 1964 World's Fair[2]. Left: a view of the interior, from the New York Public Library digital collection.
  1. City Fair Building Gets Cornerstone, New York Times, 20 January 1938, p.2: "The Mayor was assisted in laying the [corner]stone by Park Commissioner Robert Moses, who presided at the ceremonties; Grover A. Whalen, president of the fiar, and Aymar Embury 2d, architect of the building." It was one of few buildings at the fair designed to permanent and indeed it lives on today as the Queens Museum.
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