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Harlem Hospital Murals 1936-1940

Frank da Cruz
Bronx NY
21 November 2019
Most recent update: Mon Nov 30 13:58:56 2020
WPA/FAP art in Harlem Hospital 1936-1940 from NYC DESIGN: The Archive of the Public Design Commission of the City of New York, p.3, accessed 18 November 2019. The captions are copied from the archive. The color images at the end were added 30 November 2020. Also see: Bellevue Hospital murals.
  1. Harlem Hospital celebrates opening of Mural Pavilion, New York Amsterdam News, 26 November 2012. Describes a massive WPA mural restoration project at Harlem Hospital.
  2. Charles Alston, painter, sculptor, and teacher, New York Amsterdam News, 21 November 2019. About one of the Harlem Hospital muralists.
  3. Hena Sharma, New York's most famous murals and the origin stories behind them, CNN, 19 November 2020.
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