New Mexico New Deal Sites June 2019 - Photo #98 - Seven Springs Fish Hatchery

Photo: Google Satellite View 2019
The Seven Springs Fitch Hatchery, about 22 miles north of Jémez Springs and four miles north of Fenton Lake in the Jémez Mountains, New Mexico, on Route 314 just east of (CCC-built) Route 216. The hatchery was constructed with WPA assistance in 1936[3]. It's responsible for production and distribution of native Rio Grande cutthroat trout, New Mexico's State Fish. The fish hatchery has raised more than 72,000 trout for stocking since 2002.[1] "The WPA played an important part in the development of [the] Seven Spring [hatchery]... [It] was established primarily to serve this area, which it now does serve. The springs, although of not a great volume, (500 gallons per minute) are 52-degree water. The important function of this hatchery is to maintain a brood stock of the New Mexico cutthroats which produce about one-half million eyed eggs every year."[2]

Note: New Mexico's Parkview, Glenwood, and Red River hatcheries are also WPA projects[2,3]. See [1] for their locations.

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