New Deal Washington Square - Photo #54 - Playground of the Americas

Playground of the Americas on the southeast corner of 6th Avenue and Houston Street, directly across Houston Street from the Passannante Ball Field.

"In 1925, the City of New York acquired this property and transferred it to the Department of Transportation as part of a Sixth Avenue renovation. The Board of Estimate placed the parcel under Parks jurisdiction in May 1934. It remained unnamed until February 1998, when Parks designated it Houston Plaza. In 2000, it was renamed Playground of the Americas."[1]

"On Saturday, September 22nd, the two playgrounds on Houston Street, one at the corner of Sixth Avenue, and the other in the block between First and Houston Streets at Ludlow Street, Manhattan, will be opened. This property was turned over to the Department of Parks by the Board of Transportation. It will have a formal park area in addition to the playground."[2]

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  4. New Deal Assistance in NYC Parks Department Projects, 1934-43, which explains how we know this park was a New Deal project.