New Deal sites in the Washington Square area of Manhattan

Frank da Cruz
April 23, 2018
Photos from a walk around the Washington Square Park area of Greenwich Village (Manhattan, New York City) on April 23, 2018, where there are about ten New Deal sites within a half-mile radius. See the first picture in each group for details and New Deal pedigree of the site. All photos by me except where indicated otherwise.
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IND West 4th Street Station

indw4th1 indw4th2 indw4th3 indw4th4 indw4th5 indw4th6 indw4th7

Minetta Playground, Triangle, and Green

minettamap minettaplayground1 minettaplayground0 minettaplayground2 minettaplayground3 minettagreen1 minettagreen2 minettatriangle1 minettatriangle2 minettatriangle3 minettatriangle4

Tony Dapolito Recreation Center

dapolitoreccenter1 dapolitoreccenter2 dapolitoreccenter3 dapolitoreccenter4 dapolitoreccenter5 dapolitoreccenter6 dapolitoreccenter7 dapolitoreccenter8 dapolitoreccenter9

James J. Walker Park

dapolitowalkermap jimmywalkerpark1 jimmywalkerpark15 jimmywalkerpark14 jimmywalkerpark3 jimmywalkerpark4 jimmywalkerpark5 jimmywalkerpark13 jimmywalkerpark6 jimmywalkerpark7 jimmywalkerpark8 jimmywalkerpark9 jimmywalkerpark11

Downing Street Playground

downingstreet1 downingstreet2 downingstreet3 downingstreet4 downingstreet5 carminestreet32

Passannante Ball Field

passannanteballfield1 passannanteballfield2 passannanteballfield3 passannanteballfield4 passannanteballfield5 passannanteballfield6 passannanteballfield7

Playground of the Americas

playgroundamericas1 playgroundamericas2 playgroundamericas3

Vesuvio Playground

vesuvio1 vesuvio2 vesuvio3 vesuvio4 vesuvio5 vesuvio6 vesuvio7 vesuvio8 vesuvio9 vesuviox

Washington Square Park playgrounds

washingtonsquareparkpg1 washingtonsquareparkpg2 washingtonsquareparkpg3 washingtonsquareparkpg4

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