Bronx New Deal - Photo #257 - Bronx Terminal Market


Photo: New York City Government photo archive.

The south and west faces of the Bronx Terminal Market “Prow Building” (Building D) in 1935 or 1936, shortly after it was built in 1935. It's located at the eastern extreme of East 149th Street in the triangle formed by Exterior Street, River Avenue, and East 150th Street (see map), and is visible from the northbound lanes of the Major Deegan Expressway. On the map, the original Bronx Terminal Market built in the 1920s is outlined in blue (Click here to see the same area in Google Maps). Building D, the Prow Building, which was built in 1935 with New Deal support[1], is outlined in purple. An adjacent building (Building B) was added at the same time but does not survive. At the north end of the market, the WPA also built a $250,000 freight terminal shed[4], which also is gone.

The architects of Buildings B and D were Samuel Oxhandler, John D. Churchill, Albert W. Lewis. Churchill and Lewis also worked together on the New Market at South Street Seaport[6] (the one labeled Fulton Fish Market) and the Essex Street Markets, one a confirmed WPA project, the other like