Kermit 95 Tutorial

Most recent update: 4 June 2002

This document describes Kermit 95 version 2.0, 32-bit communications software for Microsoft Windows.



Kermit 95 (K95) is a multipurpose communication software package for Windows and OS/2. The current version can make serial-port connections, modem connections, and Internet and other types of network connections, all in a uniform manner. K95's Internet protocols include Telnet, Rlogin, SSH (Windows only), FTP, and HTTP. As of version 2.0, K95 comes in two versions: Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Console. The new GUI version, called K95G, has several features lacking in the Console version, such as menu, toolbar, scroll bar, and font selection. The features of the GUI version are described HERE.

Kermit 95 offers: