Bronx New Deal - Photo #74 - Lehman College Campus


Entrance to Lehman College of the City University of New York (CUNY) on Goulden Avenue, June 2014. Lehman's Historic Campus page states that the “the first four buildings in the plan—Gillet and Davis halls, the Music Building, and the Gymnasium—were completed in 1931 by the New York State Works Progress Administration”. Strictly speaking, this would not be the New Deal WPA (as, for example, claimed by Wikipedia), but a primordial WPA launched by Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) when he was New York's governor, 1929-32, where he “established a number of new social programs, and was advised by Frances Perkins and Harry Hopkins” (key players in the federal New Deal). The New York agency was TERA: the Temporary Emergency Relief Administration and that Lehman is using the term WPA in a generic sense, meaning “any FDR-initiated public works program”. To confuse matters further, the site was the Bronx campus of Hunter College then and Hunter also had a Manhattan Campus, which itself hosted some New Deal construction. The site