Bronx New Deal - Photo #275 - Bronx County Courthouse


Bronx County Courthouse, 851 Grand Concourse, at 161st Street, Bronx NY, July 2014. This is another landmark that “everybody knows” is a New Deal creation but it's a bit tricky to track down the definitive reference. For now, let me just cite a New York City government page[1], which says:
Built in 1933 during the Depression at a cost of $8 million, this public project provided sorely needed jobs for the architects, sculptors and various construction workers responsible for its creation. After the site was chosen in 1928, construction began in 1931 and took three and a half years to complete. In 1934, Mayor LaGuardia received a bronze key during the building's three-day dedication and celebration.
Ironically, this might seem to cast doubt on its New Deal pedigree, since FDR did not become president until 1933, but before that he was the governor of New York State and had already begun the New Deal right here to provide work relief and build worthwhile projects, such as the Bronx campus of Hunter College (now Lehman College).