Bronx New Deal - Photo #700 - Evander Childs High School Murals


Not a New Deal Construction[1] but read on... Evander Childs High School on Gun Hill Road and Barnes Avenue in the Bronx. Like DeWitt Clinton High School (just a mile and half to the west) and every other monumental Bronx school, it has a distinguished history but has been chopped up into mini-"excellence academies" by billionaires and hedge-fund managers, and like Clinton it has New Deal murals inside: The History of Western Civilization by James Michael Newell. Somewhat similar in conception and execution to Alfred Floegel's History of the World at DeWitt Clinton High School; a bit larger (in term of square feet) and definitely more provocative. As to its New Deal pedigree, Newell himself inscribed it “In the years 1937 and 1938 these murals were designed and executed by James Michael Newell...under the Federal Art Project sponsored by the United States government.”[4]  The Federal Art Project was a division of the Works Progress Administration.


  1. Evander Childs Educational Complex,, the American Guild of Organists NY Chapter website (in addition its murals, the school also has an enormous pipe organ).