Bronx New Deal - Photo #641 - Bronx Park Trojan Courts


Image: Google Maps.
Trojan Courts on the east side of Bronx Park near Brady Avenue, in the area enclosed by Boston Road to the north, the Bronx River Parkway to the west (which separates the public part of Bronx Park from the Bronx Zoo grounds), and Bronx Park East, Unionport Road, and Birchall Avenue on the east, and Ranaqua Bronx Park headquarters on the south. The nearby avenues are Lydig, Brady, and Bronxdale. This area includes the Trojan baseball fields (named after the Bronx Trojans, a 1930s amateur baseball team), the Trojan Courts (game courts), Brady Playground, and Ben Abrams (formerly Lydig) Playground.

Records of specific projects in this area are scant; we have only the May 4, 1936, press release[1] from which it is clear that a baseball field was built on the site in 1936, and that more facilities were scheduled to be built. Reference 2 explains why this is a New Deal project, even though New Deal funding and labor are not credited in the press release. In any case, Reference 3 implicates the Works Progress Administration in the project.

The “courts” themselves are those at the bottom of the picture. There were originally six tennis courts, one basketball court, and four handball courts, but now it's just basketball and handball.

While Trojan Field figures prominently in memoirs of the old days, the