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Frank da Cruz
The Open-Source Kermit Project
Bronx NY
For 30 years, I was paid to write, maintain, support, and document software such as Kermit. Now in retirement, I have to pay to do the same thing: Internet access, DNS registration, computers and accessories, home office and utilities. Furthermore, besides continuing development of C-Kermit (communications software for Linux, macOS, Android, FreeBSD, NetBSD, VMS, etc) and maintenance of the Open Source Kermit website, I've also been working since 2013 on a project to uncover the deeply hidden history of FDR's New Deal in New York City 1933-43, a vast project involving travel, photography, cameras, commercial software (e.g. Photoshop), and research; the latter requiring purchase of books, subscriptions to newpaper archives, etc. I'm also responsible for a number of other popular Internet resources — a history of computing at Columbia University, a first-hand account of the 1968 student uprising at Columbia, a look at US Army bases in postwar Germany (and the army itself), some postwar Virginia history, international postal addressing, etc (see my home page for more). All this without ads, popups, click bait, or paywalls, or any of the other of the hallmarks of the modern Internet that make it increasingly annoying, useless, and dangerous. Plus the pages don't jump around while you're trying to read them; they sit still, and in most cases they adapt automatically to your screen size. PLUS you don't have log in or agree to any privacy or cookies policies before you can see them because these are all READ-ONLY websites and privacy is not an issue when you are not sending anything.

If you find any of this material useful, your contribution will help me to continue and also give me some indication of the level of interest in each project.

Two ways to help

1. Amazon.com

The first way doesn't even cost you any money; simply use this URL whenever you go to Amazon.com:

https://www.amazon.com/?tag=opensourcekermit-20  ← (drag this link to your desktop)

Then if you buy anything during your Amazon session, I get a small referral commission, usually 4% or less; Amazon pays this, not you. This also happens automatically if you follow explicit links in my pages to Amazon, e.g. to order a book from a References list. I don't track these transactions, nor would I have a way to; none of your information comes to me.

Amazon in other countries:

Prior to April 2022, this only worked with orders placed from Amazon.com (USA); now also Amazon.ca (Canada), Amazon.de (Germany), Amazon.co.uk (United Kingdom), Amazon.fr (France), Amazon.it (Italy), and Amazon.es (Spain).


2. Paypal

▲ Click to donate
The second way is to make a donation via PayPal. The screenshots below show the donation steps. PayPal says "Donate to fdc@columbia.edu" because that's my PayPal ID. I don't (and can't) track these either, but in the second or third step you can add a note if you wish, indicating which project you are donating towards, e.g. Kermit, New Deal, Postwar Germany, computer history, 1968, international postal addressing, etc.

PayPal screenshots (click each one to enlarge):

PayPal screenshot 1
1. Initial screen
PayPal screenshot 2
2. Enter amount
PayPal screenshot 3
3. Confirm donation
PayPal screenshot 4
4. Acknow­ledgement


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