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Also known as the MM User Guide, this manual was written in 1992 as a complete description of all the features of MM. Because of its verbosity, it was never printed. A version of it appeared online on Columbia's CUNIX system.

In July 1996, we ran Scribe source files through its html driver and then massaged the output through an ad-hoc shellscript, to make a reasonably nice set of web pages. The manual was designed in short segments intended to print as 2-page spreads covering a logical topic, and each of those spreads is now a separate html document. The divisions below represent the chapters of the manual.

The manual was written by Joseph Brennan and proofed by two of the MM authors, Fuat Baran and Melissa Metz, all in 1992. MM has not changed since that time. It is copyright 1992 by the Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York.

MM Basics

Reading Mail

Addressing Mail

Sending Mail

Replying to mail

Input and Output

Customizations and Timesavers