New Mexico New Deal Sites June 2019 - Photo #78 - Jémez State Monument

Jémez State Monument, 18160 Highway 4, Jémez Springs NM 87025, 19 June 2019: Pueblo and Spanish Mission Church of San José de los Jémez ruins, excavated in the 1930s by New Deal Civilian Conservation Corps[1,2].
  1. Elmo R. Richardson, The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Orgins of the New Mexico State Park System, 6 Natural Resources Journal 2 (1966), p.251:
    State officials were gratified when the CCC erected more than a hundred camps in New Mexico during the first three six-month work periods. Most of these camps were assigned to the national forests. In Cibola National Forest, east of Albuquerque, for example, the boys constructed the popular Sandia Loop Drive. The vital importance of water resources in the arid region enhanced the value of projects supervised by the Bureau of Reclamation. At Elephant Butte Lake in the south, the Corps built check dams, streamwalls, and a shore line road. In the Las Cruces area, Grazing Service camps improved the condition of the rangelands. Perhaps the most unique project in the state was the partial restoration of ruined Spanish missions at Jemez and Quarai, performed under the supervision of University of New Mexico archeologists.
  2. 300 Years of Dust, Happy Days (the newspaper of the CCC), Vol.III, No.22, Saturday, October 12, 1935, p.1.