Riverside Park New Deal Sites - Photo #124 - Riverside Park 124th Street to 181st Street

Riverside Park at 148th Street. Behind Palisades Playground is this grand staircase to the lower park, some ballfields, and the Hudson River shoreline, passing over the railroad tracks and under the Henry Hudson Parkway. The original destination was the 148th Street Boat Basin, which was never constructed because of World War II. So instead, at the last minute, just as the War was about to start, the boat basin site was converted into an “overlook sitting area on the shore of the Hudson River adjacent to the promenade in Riverside Park Extension opposite West 149 and West 150 Streets”[4]. Here are some Parks Department views from January 22, 1941[5] (before the last-minute conversion) that show the work that had been completed by that date on the boat basin. Everything you see beyond the highway was demolished; today there are only basketball courts, ballfields, and a parking lot.

Same view in 1941
Same view in 1941
A wider view 1941
Wider view in 1941


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