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31 January 2019
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I'm responsible for several popular websites, including:
The Kermit Project, formerly at Columbia University, now independent (the original site at Columbia still exists but has been "frozen" since 2011).

The New Deal in New York City. The hidden legacy of FDR's New Deal in NYC in photographs and text. Hosted at the Kermit Project website.

The History of Computing at Columbia University.

The 1968 student uprising at Columbia University (don't ask me why Columbia filed this under "computinghistory")

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kermitproject.org/: The Kermit Communications Software Project
Page and link Title Topic
index.html Kermit Project home page Overview and links to individual pages
kermit.html About Kermit The Kermit Project, sofware, and protocol.
ftpclient.html Kermit's scriptable FTP client For Unix, Windows, and other platforms
ek.html Embedded Kermit Kermit software for embedding
sshclient.html Kermit 95 for Windows K95's SSH Client
usingckermit.html Using C-Kermit Second Edition About the C-Kermit book
case08.html C-Kermit 7.0 Case Study 8 Kermit and Unicode
case09.html C-Kermit 7.0 Case Study 9 Printing from C-Kermit
ussr/index.html USSR Kermit Conference International Kermit conference in Moscow 1989

columbia.edu/cu/computinghistory/: The History of Computing at Columbia University
Page and link Title Topic
Herman Hollerith (also see Punched-card equipment below)
hollerith profile.html Herman Hollerith The father of modern automated computing
hh/index.html An Electric Tabulating System Hollerith's PhD Dissertation (1890 Census)
ppunch1919.html Hollerith Pantographic card punch The first card punch (1890 census)
IBM Watson Scientific Computing Laboratory at Columbia University 1945-1970
watsonlab.html Watson Laboratory Brief overview of Watson Laboratory
krawitz.html Watson Scientific Computing Laboratory 1949 article by Eleanor Krawitz
Wallace Eckert
eckert.html Wallace Eckert Pioneer in automated scientific computation
switch.html Eckert's switch box The first automated scientific calculations 1934
navalobservatory.html Wallace Eckert in WWII Eckert's time at the US Naval Observatory
almanac.html Naval Observatory Almanacs Automating the WWII Air and Nautical Almanacs
tableprinter.html Table printer The first "computer typesetting" 1945
Other Watson Lab personalities
backus.html John Backus Pioneer in computer programming languages
grosch.html Herb Grosch Computer pioneer and commentator
course.html Eric Hankam's 3-Week Course on Computing Pioneering open-enrollment computer course 1947-1957
Early computers
eniac.html ENIAC (1946) How ENIAC was programmed mainly by women
ssec.html IBM's SSEC (1948) Massive computer built at Watson Lab
norc.html IBM's NORC (1954) The first super­computer, built at Watson Lab
610.html IBM 610 Auto-Point (1954) The first personal computer, also built at Watson Lab
650.html IBM 650 MDC (1954) The first mass-produced computer
Punched-card equipment
tabulators.html Tabulators (Accounting Machines) Precursors to modern computers
1890tabulator.html Hollerith's 1890 Census tabulator The first tabulator
cards.html IBM punch cards The version used starting in 1928
sorters.html Card sorters To put decks of punched cards in any desired order
firstpunch.html The first card punch Pantographic card punch - 1890 and 1900 censuses
oldpunch.html Old card punches 1890-1934
026.html IBM 026 key punch Introduced in 1949
029.html IBM 029 key punch Introduced in 1964
interpreters.html IBM Card Interpreters To print interpretation of codes across top of card
reproducers.html IBM Summary punches To extract selected information from a deck of cards
405.html IBM Tabulator (1934) Introduced in 1934, served in World War II
407.html The IBM 407 (1949) IBM's last tabulator
collators.html IBM Collators To merge decks of punched cards
ibmradiotype.html IBM Radiotype Short-wave typewriter and its role in World War II
pupin.html Pupin Hall Where the Manhattan Project started
7090.html IBM 7090/7094 coupled system Columbia's main computer 1963-68
36091.html IBM 360/75/91 coupled system Columbia's main computer 1968-1980
1403.html IBM 1403 line printer Biggest fastest high-volume printer of its time
chain.html IBM 1403 print train Novel print mechanism of the 1403
dec20.html The DECSYSTEM-20 Columbia's central academic computers 1977-88

kermitproject.org/newdeal/: The New Deal in New York City
Page and link Title Topic
index.html NYC New Deal Home Page Links to NYC New Deal galleries and research
overview.html NYC New Deal overview FDR's New Deal and what it did in New York City
newnewdeal.html Now or Never: a NEW New Deal How to save the USA from self-destruction in 2021

Columbia University 1968 student uprising
Page and link Title Topic
index.html Columbia University 1968 The anti-war anti-racism student uprising, April 1968