Kingsbridge Heights Bronx NY New Deal Tour

Frank da Cruz
July 31, 2015
Last update: Thu Aug 13 21:28:55 2015
The area around the Jerome Park Reservoir in the Bronx, New York City — Kingsbridge Heights and Bedford Park — is notable for its proliferation of New Deal Projects (i.e. projects created by unemployed people who were put to work using Federal money during the Roosevelt administration, 1933-1943):
  • The Reservoir itself (repairs) and gate houses (consruction);
  • The parkland and playgrounds along the southwest edge of the Reservoir;
  • Lehman College campus and original buildings (described here);
  • Harris Field (described here);
  • Bailey Playground (described here);
  • Murals at DeWitt Clinton High School (in this gallery).
Click on the first image below to enter the gallery and read about each New Deal feature. All photos were taken by me on July 31, 2015, unless otherwise indicated.
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Jerome Park Reservoir

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