Notable New Deal Projects in New York City

Frank da Cruz, Bronx NY
Last update: Sun Jul 23 18:58:08 2017
This page was written in 2015 as a starting point for the Living New Deal NYC New Deal Map, which appeared in April 2017.
“What would be the 20 or 30 most significant New Deal Projects in New York City?”. Obviously a matter of taste and opinion, especially when there are so many to choose from — almost certainly more than 1000 (click here to see a list of over 500 from just the Parks Department). And by what criteria? Most famous? Most beautiful? Most used? Most ambitious? Most expensive? Most influential? Most typical of a certain style? Employed the most people? Is the list fair to all boroughs? Any selection is bound to be arbitrary, and furthermore is complicated by deliberate measures taken (especially by Robert Moses) to obscure the New Deal connections of many of them, which I have tried to untangle (e.g. for the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge). Here are my nominations:

The first group I researched, documented, and photographed myself (click each link):
Project and Link Borough Attraction
Central Park Manhattan The Jewel of Manhattan
Riverside Park Manhattan (and the 79th Street Boat Basin) Six miles of greenery and playgrounds along the Hudson River.
The Triborough Bridge Queens, Manhattan, Bronx One of the New Deal's largest Projects nationwide, connecting three of NYC's five boroughs, serving more than a million vehicles daily.
Orchard Beach Bronx The Bronx Riviera
Williams­bridge Oval Park Bronx 100% WPA; See history, prototypical WPA park, emblematic of hundreds of WPA neighborhood pa