Working table of Bronx New Deal Projects

Frank da Cruz
Most recent update: Thu Oct 19 13:04:34 2017

This is my working table of possible Bronx New Deal projects. I'm adding new items as I discover them. The Project column contains the current name for the project; note that many parks and playground have been renamed, so you might not find these names in the confirming documents, only the locations. By "project" I mean a site or facility that was constructed or renovated or improved or expanded with New Deal labor and/or financing. The V column tells whether I have verified the item as a New Deal project:

The P column says whether I've photographed it yet (if so, the "Y" is a link to the photos).

With only a few exceptions, this table does not include "invisible" infrastructure work... power, sewage, water, etc. As of 19 October 2017, the table can be sorted on any column by clicking the desired column heading, and clicking it again to reverse the order.
Sites in list:  157    Verified:  116    Photographed:  70 [See all NYC Parks Dept New Deal projects]
Project Location V P
227th Street P